Most of the tourist would visit this building,  Burj Kharifa, the world tallest building.

Oops.  Too tall to fit in the picture.

Here we go.


The pic from the foot of the building.   What a beautiful building!


For a  tourist, this world highest observatory is the MUST visiting spot.   Of course for me, too.

I booked the ticket for 11 a.m ride through online.    If you go there without booking, it cost like $120 or more,  but if you book in advance,  it cost about $20~$30.    Definitely recommend to book it  if you want to visit there.

I was very excited, but first,  I couldn’t find the entrance !    I heard that it was in the Dubai mall,  but couldn’t  find anywhere ………..

This mall is also the world class huge mall,  so it took so long to search the entrance.     When I arrived the “At The Top” ticket counter of the observatory,  it was already 10:59!!

There were people making line in front of the counter, but I asked them to let me through,

” Excuse me!   I’m in hurry!!”

Finally I reached the ticket counter, wondering if it was in time.   The staff issued the ticket with nice smiling,  so I thought it was OK.   Then I turned myself to the gate.   At the moment I try to proceed,

” Madame,  your reservation is 11 P.M. . You know that?”

Oh, NO.    Of course I didn’t know it.   Oh I did it again here in Dubai……..
“OK,  I’ll come back later.”

“Well , maybe it is good chance to explore the Dubai mall.   Let’s check it out!”


There are high brand shop,  affordable shop,  so much variety.  Just huge!


Even the ice link was there!

Gorgeous interiors everywhere.


In spite of that,


I got bored…….

Decided to go back to my friends house by metro.

Relaxed at the pool.


Went to the beach near by.


Is this camel laughing at me??

Enjoyed the sunset.    The world biggest Ferris wheel is now under construction.  Dubai really likes something No.1 .

It was nice relaxing afternoon and evening.

To be continued.