Second day in Dubai.   My friend lives in Marina area which is very modern and the landscape is well designed.


I walked along the riverside for about an hour.   A lot of constructions were going on even now.    I wander if how many people would come to this city to settle.


Most of the people live in this area are  foreigners.    The economics in Dubai relay on foreigners visiting this city on business and sightseeing.   So I , as a foreigner, felt very comfortable.  I didn’t feel like I was a foreigner.


Today’s plan, Old Souk.   Old market as it name.    What a difference compared to Marina area!   I think this is the original appearance of Dubai.


The market is a sightseeing spot,  but a few blocks away is very local.   Most of the people in the street were men.   If my friend’s boyfriend weren’t with us,  I would feel very unconfotable to walk around this area like this.


We walked and walked to the Pakistan curry restaurant  my friend’s boyfriend K recommended .   It was hot outside !!  We all expected very much for the restaurant.


We made it after 20 min. walk !


Inside the restaurant it was occupied by men again.   If I were just by myself,  I would turn back right after I looked inside.


Because of the sickness from the Desert Safari yesterday,  I didn’t have much appetite, but  his corn soup heeled me !    Other plate were delicious , too.    It worth well enough to 20 min. walking in 37 degree c.


This is local boat.   The fee is 1 del ham  which is about 30 yen.     The price is very much different to the one in city area.


I enjoyed so much!!   I pefer to the old souk better than the modern area.

To be continued.