It’s Noriko.


Have you ever heard of  ” Paris Way of Fitness”  ?




Maybe you don’t.

Because !

That’s  what I created now.   ヽ(^o^)丿

Today I’m going to reveal the secret of the method…..


Are ready?

The Paris way of Fitness means ……………….





Making your body in shape through out the daily activity.

Are you disappointed?

You never know how powerful the daily activity is.


Actually I’ve stayed in Paris for Three weeks last year.

There I found that most of the people in Paris were in good shape.

The diet in France is one of the reason, of course.  (I suppose its because they take good quality butter everyday.)

However,  I think the biggest reason is because their extent of movement in daily life is very high.



The 6 reasons Why people in Paris can maintain their body in shape without doing  extra exercises 


Reason 1    The city is so beautiful that you get naturally motivated to walk a lot.

Reason 2   Lots of opportunity to use stairs.  Because most of the buildings are old, so less elevators and escalators especially at the station.

Reason 3   Even if they have escalators,  they are often broken!

Reason 4   They walk very fast!  
Maybe to prevent  themselves from pickpockets?

Reason 5   Most of them have good posture.

Reason 6   You feel some kind of  tense  in the city both in good way and bad way.
Speaking of myself, in spite of that  I only attended 2 yoga classes and did not do any exercise except daily walking,  I got reduced my weight.

When I came back to Japan, everyone said to me  ” Oh you got slimmer! ”  ” Your face got lean.”


Now?   I came back to my basics.



I think I am very fast walker compared to other Japanese people.
When I walk in Tokyo,  I usually pass many people, but  …………….

While I was in Pais,  I felt so defeated !   Everyone walked so fast !!

They also have good postures.

Then I understand why they can maintain their body in shape by just having daily life.

How you spend your 24 hours create your body.

Now is the time to start the Paris way of fitness!!

 3 daily habits you should start,
the Paris way of Fitness

1 Use stairs!!   Don’t even look at the escalators,  go straight to the stairs!

2 Walk fast with a little bit of big strides.

3 Straighten your pelvis every time you sit down.    


You never know what happen in the next moment.  Be conscious !
You might meet life changing person in anytime!
That consciousness creates your body.

The movement and the consciousness in daily life is very important.  It true is.

You don’t need to cost any money to start the Paris way of fitness .  ( That’s quite Paris!)
So why don’t you start now?